straightening hair brushes

Let’s talk about straightening hair brushes

If talking about straightening hair brushes, you are highly advised about their working in various manners. Ones of them are amazingly overwhelming for super curly or kinky hair, other ones are constructed particularly for light wavy options.

You will discover further the best brushes for curly or kinky locks. The choice from respective combs is wide enough but you will have to find the one which is able to cope with such type.

Let’s look closer to the most famous combs:

Dafni hair brush.


DAFNI has attractive design for women, who care about beauty and functionality. It has two colors – classic black and tender lilac. Switch on/switch off button is unique and provides reflection till 185C or 365F degrees. Such temperature is perfect for straightening process as for example, 160 C is not enough and 190C can burn your gentle hair ends. It takes about sixty seconds in order to reach required one.


Only high-quality ceramic is provided in the comb which has unique respective patent and important technology (3D). Such technology makes heating process proportionally and constantly. The handle is made of unique DuPont material survives in extremely high temperatures and improves heat insulation.

You can be confident in quality of materials as it utilized by USA army or NASA. Due to this technology you are safe and good protected from heating or burns. It took three years of careful development of high technology by Israeli experts to obtain an excellent quality product. Recently DAFNI technology has received an exclusive patent in many countries.

Apalus brush


Feedbacks from satisfied ladies you are able to see at Amazon. Taking them into account you will realize cogent benefits of Apalus brush in following list:

  • Two seconds and you are delightful lady with straight locks
  • Follicles are being stimulated due to gentle massage. Respective button is easily to seen.
  • Desirable strands are easily to be achieved using heat control with exact figures.
  • 230 degrees is that level of immediate heat up. Convenient option in rush condition.
  • Two options of temperature are available for you. C or F will be seen on the modern display.
  • Sixty seconds after turning up are not so unfavorable and simple.
  • Auto button which is able to shut off is safe and great option (sixty minutes you will have to wait)

You will be advised about other stylish brushes in our reviews further.