Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil, Best Essential oil

This IS 100% Tea Tree oil. Nice product, as I might expect from currently. I own alternative essential oils of theirs similarly. One gripe I even have concerning this, however: NO pipette with this four oz bottle! This is often the primary four oz bottle Ive bought  Tea Tree Oil from them of any reasonably volatile oil. The others I own area unit one oz bottles, and have integral crack for obtaining one drop at a time. Lacking thats NOT… See More
lavender oil

Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

The health advantages of lavender volatile oil embody its ability to get rid of nervous tension, relieve pain, make clean scalp and skin, lower pressure and treat metabolic process issues. I take advantage of lavender oil for numerous skin ailments. It works wonders on disease of the skin and even clears up psoraisis. It heals little wounds, cuts and burns. If I actually have Associate in Nursing skin condition prison-breaking, I place one or two drops of Lavender 100% Pure … See More