Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil, Best Essential oil

This IS 100% Tea Tree oil. Nice product, as I might expect from currently. I own alternative essential oils of theirs similarly. One gripe I even have concerning this, however: NO pipette with this four oz bottle! This is often the primary four oz bottle Ive bought  Tea Tree Oil from them of any reasonably volatile oil. The others I own area unit one oz bottles, and have integral crack for obtaining one drop at a time. Lacking thats NOT an honest issue FOR ME!! I usually solely use some drops at a time, and I am very clumsy and have shaky hands! Not having expected the bottle to lack that special high, I used to be somewhat aggravated at having to hunt out a separate pipettethus I might use this. Oh well. I even have one currently, however I am additionally forewarned. I am presumptuous the opposite four oz bottles of volatile oil lack the special drop-tops similarly. Im wondering why? The belief that if I obtain this very much like a time I need to use larger quantities at once?

Tea Tree Essential OilDo some analysis on its properties and uses if you havent already. This Tea Tree Oil is totally incredible! Being antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral, Its myriad applications. I wont undergo all of them, as alternative reviewers have named many, however I will list a number of the unknown uses for it.

MY distinctive uses: I combine it in an exceedingly spray bottle with water, and have many uses for this. Its effective to keep my dog aloof from plants, and therefore the bin, as it is very unappealing to them. As an extra bonus, its disinfecting the rubbish will after I use it this manner. BEWARE, however, as a result of the oil is cytotoxic if eaten, and if I am not mistaken, I feel I scan it should not be used anyplace close to cats. See to it thereon before use. I do not own any cats.

You can additionally use this spray in an exceedingly travel size spray bottle for a hand sanitizer. No additional alcohol, and tea tree is superior. Its even effective at killing MRSA, that is pretty impressive!

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Ive mixed the  Tea Tree Oil with my shampoo, created home-brewed vinegar rinses with it, place it in home-brewed balms, sugar scrubs, the list goes on. Its nice for associate ointment for tiny scratches or bites, applied to ingrowing hairs to forestall infection, employed in a soak for any plant life on the feet, etc. etc. Some individuals DO react if its applied undiluted, although my husband and that I havent. This is often most likely prevented as a result of if I apply it this manner, its solely on a small spot like associate hair, and applied with a cotton swab. Diluted with a carrier oil, in an exceedingly balm or scrub, it makes a fairly spectacular distinction on skin problem.

I created a sugar scrub with this (and carrier oils) for my full cousin for Christmas. She forthwith raved to Maine concerning the result she saw and felt on her psoriasis!


  • Works for skin disorder
  • Doesnt dry skin out
  • Good various to stronger skin disorder medications that contain several chemicals


  • Smell terribly is extremely very robust
  • Leaks once transporting (not positive if this is often simply my bottle)

It is additionally amazingly effective at killing mildew. I had a fairly dangerous natural event of mildew in my house once, and as I am allergic, it absolutely was serious. This was my initial use for Tea Tree Oil, Once analysis on the way to be obviate mildew naturally. Even loathsome chemical cleaners and disinfectants did not rid of my house of it, and I might nearly given up. Suited up with mask and protection, I attacked all the mildew with tea tree oil, and it neer came back. Careful once spraying in giant quantities, however, and wear a mask. This will be terribly irritating if eupneic the mist or if you dig into your eyes.