We need very little to be happy

I want to do some essential oil diffuser reviews here. Just for you to knowI’m a 70 years old veteran of Vietnam living alone. Ihave my own needs and I decided to make some changes into my environment. I’ve never tasted the essential oil diffuser before so I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be good. In general, it’s not an air humidifier, it just releases a certain amount of flavor into the air, like the haze of steam coming from a hole.This mist is absolutely safe and will not spoil anything.The way it producesis very quiet, I can barely hear it.The humidity doesn’t accumulate around it at all, so there is noneed to clean it constantly. Everything makescaring fordevice very simple.The main requirementfor me wasvery subtle fragrance, which worked the way I wanted. Idefinitelydidn’t want to smell a banal chemical scent when I walked in my house like the fused wax and special plug-in gadgets I’ve tried before. I also did not want my guests to say how nice my homesmells. I wanted somethingpleasant on the background and this is exactly what I’ve got!


Distilled or purified water is always best for having no minerals from tap water, yet you can use tap water. The only thing I wanted to fix is fill lines, I don’t see much so I need itstand out more clearly on dispenser and measuring cup.I also hoped that the light would be whiteand soft and It also justified my expectations but, nevertheless,colors can be changed.I was concerned about the color change feature in general, I really did not want it to turn into a disco light flasher but it works alright! And it is necessary to say it is very easy to manage, even in spite of the way too sweetbrochure.

I’ve read before that this thing guarantees 100% removal of allstrongtobacco smells, last night’sdinner and other unpleasant odors.I don’t know about my last night’s dinner but I can’t imagine, that something like this will everremove the smell of my Cuban tobacco, which I have been smoking for many years. Nothing ever could cope with this completely, but here, it seems, the tobacco is finally defeated.


The only improvements I would rather prefer to see in future would likely be the newbase. I want ita little heavier or with additionnon-sliding base so that the button may bequietly pressed and the device won’t move sideways when I press the button. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes the device slips out from under my fingers just because it’s too light. Minor issues, over-all I am satisfied.

 In everything else – internet will always find you an answer. Although, as I said, the thing is very easy to use and it is unlikely that you will need anything to help with.

Written from the words of my esteemed neighbor